Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day 3 of 30

LC Power Shake
Boiled Egg
3 Slices Bacon
Crystal Light
Coffee with cream and splenda
1 tbsp Udo's Oil
Centrum Multi-vitamin
2000mg Vit D

1 scoop designer whey
8 oz Unsweetened almond milk

1 cup Home made vegetable soup
5 ounces smoked turkey
1 tsp Olive oil
99mg Potassium
200mg Magnesium

Dozen Clams in garlic butter and wine with one crouton
Blackened tuna on a bed of greens
Vinegar and oil
Jack Daniels and Soda water
99mg Potassium
200mg Magnesium

Small Handful Almonds

LC Power Shake Recipe
2 oz Coconut Milk
4 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 scoop designer whey
½ cup strawberries
1 tbsp davinci sugar free strawberry syrup

Weigh-In 220.5 down 2.5 lbs.

Today was a workout day. I am using a routine recommended to me a while back by a guy named Dick Conner. Dick has been the owner and manager of a gym in Indiana called “The Pit” since about 1960. The routine looks like this;
Over head press
Lat Pull downs
Push Ups
Stiff Leg Dead lifts.

Each exercise is done for a single set of 3-5 reps until momentary failure. Each rep is done for about a 10 sec positive and negative stroke. In other words each rep should take about 20 seconds. For the duration of this 30 day challenge, I'll be using the SlowBurn Method of preforming my reps, which is very similar to the original recomendation. The routine is to be preformed once every 5 -7 days. Correctly done it’s a beast.

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