Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20 of 30

Steps so far today 5212. Dinner tonight wasn't the most satisfying. So we had a handful of Mac nuts afterward to add a little fat. That helped, and given that we were having a custard, we only had to make it a couple of hours. Tomorrow marks he completion of 3 weeks of LC WOE. So far so good. My energy is high. My biggest complaint is the lack of sleep. I am getting only about 5 hours a night. I would like to get about 7. After the 30 days we are probably going to raise our carbs to somewhere between 60 and 80, this should help with the sleep issues. Our plan at that point will be a combination of "Protein Power" and "Life Without Bread".

Eggs with Salsa
1 tbs Udo's Oil
coffee with cream and splenda
99 mg potassium
2000mg Vitamin D

Taco Salad made with ground beef and black soy beans,
avocado, cheese, salsa and sour cream
Iced Green Tea

Chocolate Atkins Shake

Grilled Chicken Breast
Green beans with mushrooms and Olive oil
Iced Green Tea
200 mg magnesium
99 mg potassium
Small Handful macadamia nuts

LC Custard with Berries and Whipped cream

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