Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25 of 30

Weight today 216.5, no loss this week. I am somewhat miffed that this week, with the extra activity, my weight didn't budge. So I am back to being a slug this week and see what happens.
I didn't get my workout in yesterday so I did it today. I hit all my target reps and will increase my weight next time. I slept somewhat better last night, but I also woke up hungry in the wee hours and once again got a small glass of milk. All in all I feel ok, and my energy levels are holding.

LCCF Crepes and Cottage cheese filling
coffee with cream and splenda
1 tbs Udo's oil
2000mg vitamin D
99mg potassium

Turkey Chops in a dijon cream sauce
green beans with blue cheese and bacon

piece of mozzeraala and salami
scoop of protein powder in water post work out

Hamburger with onions and mushroom
tossed salad with vinegar and olive oil

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