Thursday, January 01, 2009

Damn I'm fat. Lets go to Dairy Queen.

There we were, downloading the Christmas pictures off of the digital camera. There were the usual pics of relatives and friends , the tree and presents. Nestled in the mix of photos was the pics that made me and Mrs D squirm. The face pics always look a little full, but there is always the excuse of camera angles. The full body profile with the gut busting out all over however is not just about camera angles. Apparently somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas all common sense regarding dietary restraint went straight out the window. After viewing the photos, we did indeed go to Dairy Queen where we enjoyed a burger, fries and a waffle bowl sundae.

It might seem a it cliche, but we started back on a low carb plan today, Jan 1. After looking at TNT by Adam Campbell and South Beach, we instead went with Protein Power. So as part of the process we cleaned house of all the junk that had accumulated in our cupboards, and went grocery shopping. Our Initial goal is to stay on plan for the entire month of January. Just getting thru the first few days and kicking the carb habbit is often the hardest part. So we are trying to make the first few days as easy and enjoyable as possible. Good cheese, good wine, crab legs, fresh berries and smoking a turkey are on the agenda. Here are the years opening stats.

Weight - 223 lbs
Waist - 43.5

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