Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13 of 30

Another night of interrupted sleep. Even so with breakfast and coffee my energy levels were pretty good. My walks have helped my mood and this may be because of the activity or just the fact that I am getting out of my cubicle into the sun and fresh air. I am still easily distracted but I can focus when i need to. This is an improvement of a couple of days ago. My belly bloat is going down noticeably, even Mrs D has noticed. So far so good.

1 boiled egg and 3 slices bacon
6oz Almond Milk and 1 scoop whey
coffee with cream and splenda
1 tbs Udo's Oil
99 mg potassium

Pork Chop
mixed vegetables
olive oil
baby bell lite cheese

mixed nuts

Pot Roast with Turnips and mushrooms
Tossed salad
blue cheese dressing
bacon bits
1 glass Chianti

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