Saturday, January 03, 2009

Day 2 of 30

2 eggs + 2 egg whites

3 Sausage Links

2 la tortilla low carb tortillas

Table spoon salsa

Coffee with cream and splenda

1 tbsp Udo's Oil

Centrum Multi-vitamin

2000mg Vit D

1.5 cup Home made vegetable soup

4 ounces smoked turkey

Hard boiled egg

Polly-0 string cheese

1.5 tsp Olive oil

99mg Potassium

400mg Magnesium

Raw Peppers and Cauliflower

2 tbsp tzatziki

1 oz Cheese

6oz Cumin Crusted Tilapia with avocado

mixed raw greens

green beans with blue cheese and walnuts

1 tbsp mac nut oil

Red Wine vinegar

1 glass Dr L's Riesling

99mg Potassium

400mg Magnesium

½ Cup Fage Total Greek yogurt

½ Cup Mixed Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries

I had a bit of a headache early in the day, and was some what mentally fuzzy in the morning. Prior to lunch Mrs. D wanted to take down the Christmas tree and put away the decorations. So I got to go up and down the hill taking stuff to the shed and I felt better after moving about and several glasses of water. By dinner time I was feeling ok, and smoked up the place cooking the tilapia. For about an hour in the evening we played wii Mario bros Olympics. I hate Mario.

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