Saturday, January 31, 2009

And The Results

Wt 216 - down 7.5 lbs total
Waist 41.25 - 2 inches lost

Thoughts on the process.
If I were to get a "do over", I would not cut my carbs as low or as fast. Coming off a carb laden holiday season my metabolism was probably similar to what many modern folks' metabolism is like all the time. Rather I would record what I ate for 3 or 4 days prior to starting and then cut my carb intake by half, eliminating junk food and adding a little good fat for two weeks. If, for instance, I was eating 300g carbs on average, I would cut to 150g for two weeks. Then I would cut to 80g for two weeks. If at 80 for two weeks I was able to lose weight and felt better, I wouldn't necessarily go any lower. If however I wanted a little faster weight loss, or wasn't seeing results yet, I would then cut to 60g carbs. Prior to the recent popularity of Low Carb diets, few people ever found it necessary to eat fewer than 60g carbs to obtain satisfactory results. Now days however, there seems to be a contest to see who can eat the fewest carbs. I'm not sure that eating fewer than 60g carbs is required, at least for physiological reasons, unless you have uncontrolled diabetes or epilepsy. In my opinion, it may also contribute to the drop out rate associated with low carb diets.

In the area of training.
Once a week slowburn training does indeed produce results, however, I remain unconvinced that once a week is better than twice a week. In fact I would say that twice a week is the better option, unless you only have one day a week to train. As to the slowburn method itself, I found it an interesting challenge. After four weeks its difficult for me to say if it produces better results than a more traditional rep cadence or not. All I can say with certainty is that I was lifting more weight after four weeks of using it then when I started.

Moving on from here ...... At this point Mrs D and I are planning on continuing with Low Carb. She is having success at keeping her carb level about 40g and I am going to stay at 60g. We both feel well, and are seeing steady reductions in our weights, and measurements. She is planning on continuing with the routines from the TNT Diet plan, and I am going to do something else, though I haven't quite decided what. I will no longer be posting daily, but I plan to post at least twice a month with updates and food porn. Happy Low Carbing!!

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