Thursday, September 28, 2006

I don't do Atkins

Just the other day I had a conversation with another low carber whose attention I caught by politely refusing to indulge in some office goodies. This person approached me and asked, "I heard you say something about low carb and wondered if you were doing Atkins too?" To which I replied "No, I'm not doing Atkins, but I do eat low carb". My common sense was trying to get me to move away quickly, but my feet hesitated, and it was too late. "But Atkins is low carb", she replied. Realizing I was going to have engage in a little education, the devilish side of my nature took over. I smiled a little too wide and retorted, "Yes, thats true, but not all low carb is Atkins." I could sense the fog gathering. The confusion was evident in her perplexed look. Her next question was predictable, "Well, what plan are you on then?" My current answer to that question is "The Hamptons Beach Power Zone". Her head snapped up and back as if to avoid being hit. A dull "huh?" was her reply. "Its my own combination of diets, a work in progress actually" I gleefully answer. She took a step back, raised an eyebrow, and I could tell I'd just been branded a heretic. "Well, Atkins is the best, It worked wonders for me you know" she countered, sounding suddenly defensive. "Cool, I'm glad it worked for you", I answer. I could tell this was not the response she was expecting. Clearly she was ready to defend "doing Atkins". Semi defiantly she says "I believe in Atkins, it changed my life". Ah yes, the moment was at hand, much quicker than I had hoped for. "No, You changed your life, the Atkins diet was just the tool you used to implement that change", I say. A thick silence momentarily hung in the air, as she took in my last statement. The pause was interrupted by a gaggle of co-workers, and she seemed relieved to disengage from our conversation. I thought little of the exchange until this morning when she came by my cube. I was at the time eating a muffin and drinking my coffee. "That doesn't look very low carb" she said with mock scorn. "Ah, but it is. Its made with almond flour, splenda, and such. Quite low carb actually, and yummy!" I say smiling. "What plan are you on today?", she asks. "Same one, but I'm reading about Glycemic Load diets, and it seems like something I may add to the mix", I answer. Her-"Don't you ever get tired of trying out new things" Me-"Uh, no"

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megadittles said...

I bet she was green with envy. I guarantee you she googled almond flour recipes after watching you down that muffin. Hee-hee!