Monday, August 07, 2006


Low carb has a dirty little secret. What’s The secret?
It’s really a low calorie way of eating!
No way! - Way!
Despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, low carb works because you eat less. For my first trick I am going to need a volunteer. Ok, The Drs Eades, step right up. According to Protein Power Life plan I should be eating 120 grams of protein and 40 or less grams of “effective carbs”. So using the template provided in the book I devised the following menu.

Eggs Whole 5
Turkey Breakfast Sausage 2 pieces
Strawberries 0.5 cup
Blueberries 0.5 cups
538 calories 41g protein 33g fat 18g carbs 5g fiber

Top Round 5oz
Summer Squash 1 cup
Blueberries 0.5 cup
Spinach Raw 2 cups
Olive oil 1tbsp
532 calories 48g protein 30g fat 20g carbs 8g fiber

Salmon 6oz
Green beans 0.5 cup
Cauliflower 0.5 cup
Tomato 0.5 cup
Olive Oil 1 tbsp
381 calories 39g protein 20g fat 11g carbs 4g fiber

Total for the day
1451 calories 128g protein 48g carbs 17g fiber 31g ECC

Guess what, I could lose weight on any diet eating 1451 calories. So why bother with the restriction of low carb? Well for one, and likely the most important reason, it works. While it’s not magic, it is effective. The reduced calorie levels will not be noticed by many people due to the satiating effects of the fat and protein. Protein and fat work together to make you fuller faster, and keep you satisfied longer. Two, your blood sugar will normalize. Those nasty peaks and crashes associated with high carb diets that send you running to the snack machine don’t happen. Three, you prefer the food associated with a low carb diet vs a low fat diet. It might sound easy to commit to a plan, but don’t underestimate the drudgery if you aren’t happy with your food choices.


megadittles said...

I just love reading your blog. You just put it out there in plain and simple fashion. Good luck. I may even try out some of your menus.
When I told someone I ate 5 eggs today they said I would die of a heart attack. Note: They ate their pasta and frosted animal cookies right after that. Hmmm...whose dying first?

K. Dill said...

Well, I actually get tired of eggs before I finish all 5, soI am more likely to eat some leftover meat then 5 eggs. But hey, glad you enjoyed them and my blog.