Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I can't get no, satisfaction

Eat Until Satisfied!! I keep hearing and reading his, however I have yet to really experience this. The other night my wife and I went out for dinner at a local steak and seafood establishment. This fits us well as they offer you vegetables or a potato, plus a soup and salad bar, and no bread basket. The salad bar is pretty standard, and there is always vegetable crab soup. One of the benefits of living on the Chesapeake bay is the abundance of fresh seafood, and the creative ways the locals have developed to make use of a plentiful, and formerly cheap food supply.( Growing up here we ate a lot of fish as fishing cost time not money). The Down Side is of this geography is that really good beef is hard to come by, and requires going to a restaurant, or mail order from some place out west. So, out we went and I ordered the 24 oz porterhouse, medium rare. Oh, yeah, baby. Prior to the Arrival of my chunk o' meat, I ate a salad, and two cups of crab soup. I then proceeded to eat my steak, vegetables, the portion of my wife's dinner she didn't eat, and washed it all down with two beers. Satisfied? Nope. I was about to get up and go get more crab soup when my wife asked, "Haven't you had enough, dear?" The tone in her voice on the word "dear" stopped me dead in my tracks. and I sat back down. Was I still Hungry, no. Did I want to eat more, yes. I could feel the crab soup in all its spicy flavors and delicate aroma's calling me from across the room. Every fiber of my being screamed for more soup. I looked over at the soup bar, then glanced over at my wife. I asked the waitress for our bill.
By All accounts I should have been satisfied with what I ate. While my hunger had long since abated, part of me left the restaurant that night unsatisfied. Left to my own devices I can and have gained weight on a low carb diet. I did this once by accident, and again to win a bet. The first time I was on a happy low carb all you can eat buffet plan. I could eat whatever I wanted, until I was "satisfied" as long as there were no carbs in it. Well I wasn't satisfied until I couldn't shove another bite of low carb food into my mouth. The second time was a bet with one of those low carb Zionists who told me it was impossible to gain weight on a low carb diet. I took his hundred bucks. For me there is no substitute for portion control. I can't rely on those internal cues that I've had enough. It requires planning and thoughtful preparation to ensure that I'm getting sufficient nutrition without excessive caloric intake. If you are low carbing and not seeing the results you want, it may not be what you're eating, but how much.

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