Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Analysis Paralysis

The MRS. and I have been trying to Get back Into the weight loss mode of Low Carb Living. I must admit its been much harder the second time around. While we had continued to eat what most would consider a "clean" diet, the pounds had crept back on, and were not budging with normal diet and exercise modifications. I tried one of the new fancy schmancy diets called the "Abs Diet" from men's health. It was ok, and it stopped the weight gain, but I was never really able to lose anything thing on this plan. I never completely got my mind around the concept of what it was trying to achieve food wise. So maybe it wasn't the plan, maybe it was me. The Mrs. Tried one of the female plans from Rodale, and lost a couple of Pounds, but the time and food restrictions were very onerous. So Back to LCing we go. The first time thru we did the South Beach Diet. While it does not professing to being a LC diet, in reality it is LC, just not a Ketogenic LC. I'm still undecided on the value of Ketosis. While I am aware of the difference between ketosis, and ketoacidosis, I just don't know if there really is a metabolic benefit to it or not. It may be a very individual thing. One of our first steps at returning to LC weight loss was to purchase some new reading material. We bought the "Hamptons Diet Cookbook", George Stella's cook books, and recently a copy of the "Protein Power LIfe Plan". These in combination with the previous South Beach books we had, have given me a bit of information overload and led to paralysis from analysis. Its time to get off the fence and pick a plan, and ride the LC train to weight loss. I'll keep you posted with what happens next.


Carol Bardelli said...

Hi Kevin. I found the link to your blog through your response to a post at Blogging While Fat. I'm an amateur bodybuilder and familiar with the Mentzer's HIT technique. I enjoyed reading your blog and will add you to my links list when I update my blog roll. Keep up the great blogging and low carb lifestyle. Carol

megadittles said...

I got 2 copies of the "ab diet" from men's health, and I'm a chic. Glad to see it had female workout in it, but that was the only interesting thing about it. I saw the menu and thought of death warmed over. Just not enough food to me and not enough of the yummies I'd like to implement. Good luck.