Thursday, August 17, 2006

The diet wars at Home

While the Mrs and I have been on track so far, we are still trying to find our way into an organized plan, primarily of our own making. Mainly our diet consists of meat, eggs, vegetables, some fruit, nuts, cheese and olive oil. In addition to Olive Oil, we do cook with butter and use some heavy cream in different recipes, but have both discovered that too much butter fat stalls progress, but Olive and Nut oils don't have he same effect.

A few differences, however, are begining to arise between our ideas of what should or should not be included on a regular basis. The Mrs has developed a love for low carb baked goodies. Muffins, pound cakes, and pancakes made with almond meal, flax meal, or soy flour. I on the other hand, think yogurt, beans, and the occasional slice of Ezekiel Bread is more the way to go. Philosophically, She is more of a "Net Carb", whereas I am more of an "Organic/Whole Food". Now this is not to say that I won't eat something that isn't organic or that she only counts carbs, but, our approaches are slightly different. A lot of this comes down to one basic difference in our approach to eating that has been present even before we ever heard of low carb. For the Mrs, life with out dessert is just not worth living. I, on the other hand, if given a choice between a second helping of lasagna or saving room for dessert, will always choose the lasagna. So we compromise. Like diner last night, was my famous, at least in my house, Shrimp Stuffe` ("stu-fay" french always makes it sound better). and Carb Quick Biscuits. I must Admit the carb quick biscuits were not bad, but I think I need to adjust the box recipe just a bit.

Shrimp Stuffe`

4 oz Andouille Sausage - I use the Aidelles Chicken type, but use what ever you like
1 lb raw shrimp
1 15oz can Black Soy Beans, drained and rinsed - we can find these at our local Safeway
1 15oz can diced tomatoes
.25C chopped onion
.25C chopped celery
.25C chopped red/green pepper
2Tbsp Olive Oil
1Tbsp chopped garlic
cayenne, oregano,Thyme, salt and Pepper to taste

In a non-stick skillet, over med heat, begin to brown the sausage. As the sausage begins to brown after a couple of minutes, add the olive oil, onions, celery, and peppers. cook until the onions are soft. Add the spices and garlic, cook for 30 seconds to one minute, add the tomatoes and soy beans, bring to a simmer and add the shrimp, cook until shrimp are pink. Serves 4. Total prep and Cook time about 30 min.

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