Monday, October 30, 2006

We don't need no Stinking Aerobics

While recently surfing in search of some scientific information related to this half baked idea that I'm working on that I'll write about later, I came across an interesting study. While as I've written before, I am often critical of study's and generally tend to look for the hidden agendas. From time to time, however, I find gleaming nuggets with useful information of a practical value. The particulars of this study by Braith et al. concerns the role of strength training in relationship to preventing heart disease. A summary of the results can be seen here What we find is that two or three days a week of moderate single set strength training elicits a wide array of health promoting changes including increased sensitivity to insulin, lowering AIC, decreased fat mass, increased muscle mass, and just oodles of happy things. The authors of the study state that their is not sufficient data to warrant not doing aerobic exercise. I say lets up the intensity of the training, cut the carbs and get off the freaking treadmill.

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