Monday, October 23, 2006

I'll drink to that

Most slender, as opposed to skinny, people I know do not eat a reduced/low carb diet. They, in fact, tend to eat a generally carb rich diet. Oddly enough, most of the non-slender people I know also eat a carb rich diet. In both casual conversation, and through general anecdotal observation, it appears on the surface that little difference exists in the content of their respective diets. The biggest difference I've noticed is in their attitude about food. The slender folks tend to not think a great deal about food, the non-slender, are obsessed with it. The slender never profess to being on a diet, the non-slendar are always on a diet, recovering from a diet, or looking for their next diet. The slender folks frequently leave food un-eaten, be it a donut at a meeting, or lunch at a restaurant. The non-slender folks clean their plate, every time. In an informal survey, I kept track over a week of who came by my cubical to discuss something, vs those who sent me an email or called me. Guess what. The slender folks were three time as likely to get up and come over then were the non slender folks. While all of this is highly anecdotal, I'll wager one Internet dollar that if you look around your observations will come right close to the same thing. So, on casual observation, the difference between the slender and non-slender, is that the slender folks eat less and move more. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. 30 years ago when the low fat, high carb thing started to gain traction, some one asked the question, what's the difference between skinny and fat people, and who are the most skinny people? Guess who they picked to model dietary and exercise recommendations after?? Marathon Runners. Yup, our high carb, low fat diet, plus an hour a day of exercise, recommended by the government, is based on the needs of marathon runners. Explains a lot doesn't it.

Oddly enough, one of the reasons Dr Atkins may not have been as successfully with his diet the first time around, is that it was hardly unique. Most of the popular diets of the time were based on lean protein, and vegetables. Tuna fish, cottage cheese and salads were the dietary staples of those wishing to shed a few pounds. Pasta was not the love child it is today, and most diets started by cutting down/out bread and potatoes. Explain to me again some one please, why we gave up the four basic food groups in favor of the pyramid?
My personal favorite, The Drinking Mans Diet . The Rat Pack would approve.

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Carol Bardelli said...

I've noticed the same over the years, all my fat relatives are extremely sedentary. My brother always asks his sons or me to fetch stuff. Studies have proven this out, one featured recently on 20/20. The overweight subjects had HIGHER metabolisms but moved less, burning an averaage of 350 calories less a day than thin counterparts who moved more.

I don't recall any fat Rat Packers. Hmm, maybe all that booze blunted their appetites? It does mine. I know lots of people say booze revs their appetites. I believe most people today don't eat due to hunger. When they say 'appetite' they mean eating because it's available.