Wednesday, July 19, 2006

In the Begining

Where to begin, with no history, and no expectations to live upto, what should a first post contain? I think I'll start by posting my food and exercise log for today and maybe a few comments. Lets see how things progress from there.

One StellaStyle Muffin
Coffee with cream and splenda
Hood LC white milk

2 ground turkey patties
two slices tomato
.5 avacado
a drizzle of good olive oild and balsamic vinegar
about .5 cup fresh fruit

Handfull of nuts
about .75 cup Hood LC Choc Milk

Blackend Scallops with Black Soy beans and Spinach,
Tea Sweetend with Splenda

The Muffin I had for breakfast and the Blakend Scallops recipe came from George Stella's cookbook "Living Low Carb" . Goerge gets two gold stars for these. Both are highly recomended.

My Workout Today
Deadlifts, Leg Ext, Leg Curl, Calf Press, Pullover, ChestPress, Row, Lat Raise, Triceps, Curls, Crunchs

I only do one set. From a health and fitness perspective thats all it takes. It makes for a very time efficient workout. While champion bodybuilders may do set after set, I have a life outside of the gym, and even if I were to do more sets it is unlikely I would ever be a champion like Arnold.

As I continue to progress I'd like to review more recipes as have quite a collection of low carb cook books.
Today was a good Low Carb day.

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