Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still An Average Guy

Oh what a lazy shit I've been these several months. Thats true at least about writing. So far however I have been doing quite well keeping my food and exercise in line which is the important part. Diet wise I have been following my own advice. The Average Guys Diet, is working and I'm down to the lowest weight I've been in about 4 years, 195. My last body fat measurement was a healthy 18%, and I've dropped several inches, and now have a 36 inch waist. I would like to get back to a 34 and a body fat less than 15%, but I see no need to push it. Slow and steady has been winning the race, so it aint broke and don't need fixing. This doesn't mean I've been perfect. Just this past Sunday, we got together with Mrs D's siblings and all their youngin's for a family picture. Afterward we all went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. I had the Smoke House Burger with Fries and a beer. It was wonderful, I enjoyed every bite. Didn't quite get my fruits or vege's for the day, but life goes on. Monday I was back on track.

On the exercise side, I have made a few changes. I'm back to once a week strength training plus once a week high intensity interval training. Some people do well on more frequent, less intense type workouts such as the one in my previous post, I'm just not one of them. I just feel better with more days recovery then working out. This is not to say I'm a couch potato on my off days, I'm not. I often go for a walk or bike ride after dinner, its just nothing structured or planned. The twice a week routine has also seemed to be what a couple of friends have gone back to as a default. One just hates cardio and does an A/B split strength training routine, while the others have adopted my strategy of one day a week of cardio plus one day of strength training. Not everybody loves HIIT the way I do, so they do what the prefer.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner along with all of the dietary pitfalls associated with this time of year. There will be no baking in the Dill house this year. Holiday feasts will be one day events. I'll be keeping to the twice a week exercise plan as well. Remember, being on track 80% of the time is good this time of year. Stay strong, and hopefully it won't take me 6 moths to have something to say.

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