Thursday, March 29, 2007

So easy a caveman could do it

The gulf stream shifts, warm tropical air moves in, charcoal in the grill turns light gray, and I with a single malt scotch sit on the deck with the smell of cooking meat pervading the air.  Life is good.  As Spring rolls in and fresh produce once again becomes available, cutting carbs is no longer a decision, its auto-matic.  Even Mrs D is willing to give up her wieght watcher ways for more fresh vegetables, and food on the grill.  Grilled pasta, hah, fugedaboutit.  This time of year the cravings for heavy starchy food seem to fade on thier own.  Its as if nature is telling our bodies that winter is over and its time to shed the excess blubber and get about the business of chasing and eating meat.   The winter sloth is gives way to activity outside.  Cutting grass, clearing brush, organinzing and planting a garden.  Here in the northern lattitudes for the first time in months the Sun is now Strong enough again to cause our skin to make vitamin D.  I think this is at the heart of the need to be outside.  Our reserves of our own natural vitamin D reserves are depleted.  We need the sun to restore us to a healthy state, and this drives us outside to sit and work in the sun. The cold pale flourescent lights now seem mean and hateful.  Get me out of this cubical hell ,and let me go play in the sun my inner cave dude screams.  My inner cave dude and I have been communicating more regularly these days, and I have been trying to minimize anything he wouldn't recognize as food.  I call him my inner cave dude, but more accurately he is my Jungian archetypal ancestor figure, inner cave dude just sounds cooler.  My inner cave dude thinks I should take up bow hunting again, Mrs D says I need a hobby to get me off the computer.  Maybe thier both right.

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