Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Butter This!

One of my biggest complaints about the High Carb/Low fat crowd is their insistance that all we who practice carb restriction eat, is bacon and butter. The recent bru-ha-ha about the Atkins diet beating the others has brought Ornish and his cronies out of the woodwork spouting thier nonsense, and his "bacon and butter" comments are everywhere. He's a lucky man he lives so far away from me, cuz If I could get to his house I would put a flaming bag of cow dung on his front porch, ring the bell and run away to watch him stomp it out. So with out further ado.... Do I eat bacon and butter? Sometimes. Do I eat vegetables" Yes, lots of them. Do I eat fish? Again, Yes, quite often. And berries, and apples, and Oranges, and even a bean or two. Right at this moment I'm in an eat on principle, not counting phase. While it might seem silly to some that I measure everything and count nothing, one does have one limits you know. I really don't know what my calorie or carb count is, but If some one wants to add it up, good for them, but I'm fairly certain that my carbs are well below what the ADA etc recomends. A typical day, today, looks like this.

3 eggs plus .5C egg beaters
2 oz Canadian (back) bacon
6 oz V8
1 small banana
Coffee with cream and splenda

5 oz Salmon
3 cups salad
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp vinegar
1 med apple
Liptons Diet Ctirus Green Tea

1oz nuts
2/3 cup cottage cheese
2/3 cup mixed berries

8 oz Top Round
3 C roasted vegs
.5C rice
2tbsp olive oil
Wine (Yellow Tail Cab/Merlot Blend)

Post Work Out
1C Milk
2 scoops Bomber Blend Protein Powder

How many low fat dieters eat that many vegetables, or get as many
nutrients from thier grain based diet? Not many I'll bet. So for all you
bacon and butter preachin low fat zionist, take that and smoke it.


Cindy said...

Because of low carb, I actually eat less bacon, not more. I allow it about once every 1-2 months.

As for butter? About the same. (I used real butter before low carbing)

Mr and Mrs Fat said...

all i know is that food tastes better on low carb. we eat more salads, more veggies, and I love protein drinks with fruit. not only that, I eat more fiber on low carb. who'd a thought! Atkins is admonished, but I feel better and enjoy food. and i don't always eat bacon, but when i do, i enjoy it, and frankly, I am glad i don't have to eat turkey bacon...not that there's anything wrong with it!

K. Dill said...

Yup, most surveys and studies have shown that people who cut their carbs replace refined carbs with vegetables. I really can't for the life of me understand, why this would be considered a bad thing, but, I think its more about supporting big agri-business, than nutrition.

Carol Bardelli said...

'low fat zionist' - LOL, I love that phrase!

I occasionally have a little butter but I haven't had bacon in ages. It's all bald face lies, not in any recently published low carb book, and they should be repeatedly called on this.