Thursday, November 09, 2006

My TuTu

Most of the time I work out in my basement. I have a squat rack, treadmill, various bars, plates, dumb bells, and even a bowflex. I also have a membership to a commercial gym that cost me money every month, though I seldom use it. But having recently been automatically billed for our monthly membership, I decided the other day to go, and get my money's worth. Now my workouts are pretty basic, squats, dead lifts, over head press, rows, bench press, etc. With one or two hard sets of each. So on this particular day, I show up at the gym, present my membership card, and head to the locker room and change. Upon exiting the locker room I notice two reasonably attractive, younger (to me) females in the squat rack. My first thought " now aint that just too cute". So I headed off to do a few dead lifts. I try to avoid chatting with the younger female clientele as It always looks kinda creepy when I see other guys my age talking to girls of their age. So while doing my warm up set of dead lifts I mentally rearrange my workout, then get to the work set. One good set of deads, then I go to see what the young lady's are up to and then I notice it. They are in the squat racks, using this bar thing that you can't add weight to doing these strange plie` looking maneuvers while alternately curling or pressing this bar thingy. I don't say word, but their cuteness factor has decreased quite a bit. I move on to Standing Press', check back to find bar supported high kicking things going on. On to rows, back to find bar thingy bench press, they could have been crushed by the weight I guess. And on it goes. I never did get to squat that day, and its unlikely that I'll visit my gym again any time soon. Now in all fairness the young ladies were wroking out harder than some I saw that day, but damn. Oh, well, its back to the basement and the cold discipline of iron and squats. Home, afterall, is where the Squat is.

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