Monday, November 06, 2006

Black Powder

Charcoal, Salt Peter and Sulfur. Each of these items has a beneficial purpose under the right circumstances. Mix them together in the proper proportions, however, and you get black powder, a primitive explosive. Even then It is harmless unless you have a spark to ignite it. And unless you put it under pressure, you won't get an explosion. Saturated Fat, Refined Sugar, and Low dietary fiber. These ingredients too can be beneficial under the right circumstances. But like Charcoal, Salt Peter and Sulfur, the right combination of these items creates something potentially hazardous in our body. The spark in this case is a sedentary lifestyle, and the pressure, is the stress of the modern lifestyle. The confound in much of the research is the attempt to isolate a single factor in the determination of disease. We want the simple, single answer. Well friends an neighbors, it ain't that simple. Its not a matter of 1+1=2, or even the quadratic equation were ax2+bx=c and we solve for x. What we have here is a multi-factoral constraint analysis, where all of the constraints are not yet known, and others are not clearly defined. To further add to this dilemma, we can have an infinite number of solutions in a finite solution area. Oh yeah. While we can pick solutions that will optimize one or more outcomes, other outcomes will be compromised. So no matter what solution we choose , it won't be optimal for all questions or people. It will only be correct for ourselves and the compromises we are willing to make. Now, were did my wife hide that primer cord.....

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