Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Journey To Mecca

York, Pennsylvania, a place near and dear to every strength trainer, home of "The Barbell", and the weightlifting hall of fame Many of the ideas about training I've developed over the years owe a great deal to the Bob Hoffman legacy, and the fact that I grew up reading "Strength and Health" not "Muscle and Fitness" or any of the other Weider magazines. It makes me kind of misty inside lamenting the lack of leadership in todays fitness world. Joe Weider de-throned Hoffman, but Weider's days and empire are crumbling fast. Bodybuilding has become a freak show. Oly Weightlifting and power-lifting are niche players. Physical culture is homeless. We live in a time of a multitude iof guru's, but no real leaders. All of those voices speaking in authority drown each other out in a cacophonous roar. Perhaps its no coincidence that the rise in obesity is taking place in a time without leadership in the world of strength and health.

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