Thursday, April 26, 2007

Getting Turbulent

Over the past couple, three to be exact, of weeks I have been using Turbulence Training. It started as me looking for a change up from my regular HIT workouts, and hearing some buzz about Turbulence training. So I googled it, read the ad, and plopped my money down with no real expectations, other than being a few dollars poorer. I mean Hey, I'd spent more money on bar tabs, so no great loss. Besides, he's anti-cardio. I figured anyone who doesn't like cardio can't be all bad. So I downloaded the ebook and read it. Deciding to give it a go, and not having done a workout like this in quite some time I started with the beginner routines, and its a good thing I did. I was whooped. Turbulence training is just plain hard work. About 45 minutes of butt busting work, three times a week. 20 -25 minutes of strength training plus 20 minutes intervals. Arthur Jones once described productive exercise as "hard, brief, and infrequent ", TT qualifies on all counts. While this may not be HIT in the traditional sense, this is certainly intense training, and I highly recommend it, and look forward to continuing my workouts into the advanced phases.

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